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Theresa Tyo, CTC, DS

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Lynne Tucker

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Why Is It Called Easter Island?

Posted in Easter Island, Chile

That's actually a trick question.  This tiny dot...

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Now There's Another Louvre Museum

Posted in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

It's the best-known and most-visited museum in the wo...

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Video: California Cool in Palm Springs

Posted in Palm Springs, California

Fresh, dry air? Check.  300 sunny days a year? Check...

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Tips for Biking Bermuda's Railway Trail National Park

Posted in Bermuda

t may be one of the best ways to see the beauty of Bermud...

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Video: The Best of Buenos Aires: A Monograms Tour with a ...

Posted in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires ranks high on travel bucket lists: an exciti...

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Video: Meet the Cobbler Hand-Crafting Italian Sandals on ...

There's a tinkling, tap-tap-tap coming from the pool deck...

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We feel secure

We have traveled extensively over the years and Theresa has handled all the details and trip planning for us. We feel secure in knowing ...

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