Across the Antarctic Circle: Voyage to the 7th Continent | from $12,980.00 USD

Main destination Antarctica · About Adventure

Across the Antarctic Circle: Voyage to the 7th Continent | from $12,980.00 USD

Main destination Antarctica · about Adventure
About this tour

Here are 10 reasons why traveling to Antarctica with Zegrahm is the most rewarding way for you to experience this bucket-list destination:

  1. Actually Step foot on Antarctica— some cruise companies only allow guests to see the Great White Continent from the ship's deck—and explore the land of snow and ice.
  2. Enjoy an intimate, onboard experience aboard the 100-passenger Island Sky, which is just the right size to reach smaller inlets that are impossible for larger ships to access.
  3. Become one of an elite group of explorers to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  4. Make discoveries alongside a world-class team of experts, including naturalists, biologists, geologists, and ornithologists.
  5. Enjoy unlimited Zodiac landings, which allows guests to experience spur of the moment excursions wherever nature or curiosity dictates.
  6. Carefully planned for the perfect time of year, enjoy long summer days and abundant wildlife.
  7. Conditions permitting, explore rarely-visited Detaille Island, an abandoned British Survey Base.
  8. Meet scientists at Vernadsky Research Base, previously owned by the British but bought by the Ukraine for one pound in 1996.
  9. Cruise through the impressive Lemaire Channel and watch for humpack and minke whales.
  10. Explore a labyrinth of beautifully-sculpted, bright blue icebergs via Zodiac at Pléneau Islandand search for elephant seals and gentoo penguins.

Plus, virtually everything is included in the cost of a Zegrahm trip—gratuities, transfers, accommodations, excursions, meals, and even wine and beer with lunch and dinner.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

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